As a Seasoned Trend Predictor, I’m Betting Big on These 2022 Denim Trends

As far as trends go, perhaps nothing changes as quickly as denim. The cuts and silhouettes of last year, typically fade out by the end of the season, so you’ve got to truly keep your finger on the pulse to stay abreast of the denim trends heating up.

There’s some good news though— it’s usually the core classic styles that cycle through the trend phase. Which means you likely already own the rise or shape of the moment. But of course, there are some exceptions to this rule too, like everyone’s current obsession with embellished jeans with an art-core edge. Swedish brand Iggy Jeans handpainted take is so strong, I’m convinced it’s only a matter of time before similar artsy styles pop up everywhere.

Ultimately, this season’s crop of trending denim styles is something to get excited about—whether it’s a trip down memory lane with a hint of 2000s nostalgia or some newer upgrades. Now that you have an idea of what to expect for denim this year, keep scrolling to get the full report and to shop out each emerging trend. 

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